Drupal 6: bi-directional user synchronization between various Drupal sites

Introduction: what are you talking about ? Ok so let me explain this long title a little bit more. We have various Drupal sites: let’s call one the hub and the other ones the clients. The requirements are the following:…

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Free campus integrates OpenID

I forgot to mention that in the past, but the free campus (http://campus.dokeos.com) now integrates OpenID recognition. To use it (if you already have an account on the free campus and an OpenID), just log into the campus, go to…

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LDAP, Active Directory and LDAP/SSO

[digg=http://digg.com/software/LDAP_Active_Directory_and_LDAP_SSO] I’ve had to reply to part of a call for tender today. The interesting question was “Can Dokeos interact with our LDAP/SSO system?”. So first I should review the vocabulary a bit. After searching the web for a while,…

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