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  • Using SSH for tunneling

    A very useful resource (in French) to use SSH, with specific use cases: Les_tunnels_SSH Another useful (and short one for tunneling): http://www.howtoforge.com/reverse-ssh-tunneling Connecting to another remote computer through a common central computer In short, if you have a configuration with 3 computers (A – B – C) and you want to connect to A (arrival) […]

  • SSH

    SSH (the Secure SHell) is a secure replacement for many UNIX tools like telnet, ftp, rsh, rcp, rlogin, rexec, and many more, which have proven to be insecure, even if most UNIX systems still use them by default, and even Microsoft has now begun to integrate those into his operating systems. I’ll talk about the […]

  • HOWTO Autocomplete hostnames with bash while using SSH

    This article was first written in October 2007 for the BeezNest technical website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/364). On most GNU/Linux distributions, bash is able to read hostnames in  /.ssh/known_hosts to autocomplete ssh commands. For security reasons though, hostnames are no longer stored in clear text in those files on most distributions, defeating this feature of bash’s autocompletion. To […]