Fixing WebCalendar 1.2.0 + iCal, in French

While trying to debug WebCalendar 1.2.0 a little, combined with iCal and using French, we found a series of things that might be worth reporting in one go… First of all, some weird warning messages appear reporting that mb_language() did…

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Fixing the upgrade procedure of WebCalendar 1.2 for PostgreSQL 7.4

When trying to upgrade WebCalendar to 1.2, I fell on a series of errors due to the fact that the upgrade script relies on a dependency to PostgreSQL 8.1, which allows much more ALTER TABLE syntaxes than PostgreSQL 7.4. Nevertheless,…

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Adding repetitive events to a simple PHP agenda system

Introduction To prepare for RC1, I have to submit the latest database changes for this release. The objective of these changes is specifically to add the management of repeated events to a simple agenda system that doesn’t have them. So,…

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