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  • What is Chamilo LMS?

    Chamilo is an easy to use e-learning platform  recognized by  international awards (Packt Publishing y Portalprogramas.com) as the platform with the brightest future in open source e-learning


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    Specifications of the Chamihost plan

    • Last stable version of Chamilo LMS
    • Available 99%, 24/7
    • Unlimites courses and sessions
    • Large hosting space
    • Unlimited transfer
    • Personalized domain (your-name).chamilohost.com

  • Courses management

    cursos Creating and managing courses can be done easily through dedicated pages with the option to enable additional features for advanced users.

  • Users management

    usuariosRegister new users and subscribe them to courses in minutes with the XLS import feature and the automated users registrarion.

  • Pedagogical tools

    herramientasMore than 20 easy and intuitive tools to build content or interaction with your students, allowing teachers to teach the way they like it.

  • Learning certificates

    certificadosGo further than the bare course-teaching and use the certificates generation features to officialize the adquisition of learning objectives.

  • SCORM, AICC, IMS/QTI support

    scormSupport for online education standards is another strong feature of Chamilo, making it easier to import content from external sources.

  • Tracking data export

    resultadosGenerate XLS exports or other administrative management formats thanks to a series of flexible export methods.

Plans and prices

This table only serves an example purpose for the costs for the corresponding use of Chamihost. The 50 first users are included. Additional users imply an additional cost, depending on your consumption.

Basic plan Users Cost (US$) per month Note
Chamilo LMS 50 Up to 50 14.99 15 days free trial
Chamilo LMS +50 From 51 to 150 14.99 + (0.4/month/user above 50) e.g.: 70u=US$22.99
Chamilo LMS +150 From 151 to [unlimited] 54.99 + (0.2/month/user above 150) e.g.: 160u=US$56.99

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