If you’re new to Free or Open Source Software, you might be wondering: “If the software is free, why should I hire those BeezNest guys instead of managing it myself?”. We’re like your best car mechanic and your all-in-one insurance service together: we charge for our time making sure that you can enjoy your vehicle to its full extent with utter peace of mind. Of course you could still be your own mechanic and be extra cautious and mindful of others each time you drive, but we’re sure you’ll soon realize you don’t have time for that, and accidents can happen independent of your own will. This is where we come in.

Chamilo expertise

BeezNest has more than 10 years experience in the e-learning field. We’ve seen many cases, helped many customers and helped develop many innovative solutions that were thought to be impossible until then.

Our team has lead the development of Chamilo since day one (in fact, our Web Services Manager, Yannick Warnier, is also considered the leader of the Chamilo project). As such, we find solutions faster than any other team around.

If you’re in a hurry to get your project started, don’t take any chances, choose us.

Information security mindfulness

BeezNest team members are certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System) auditors, meaning you can get comfortable: we’re covering your back in terms of information security. All of our solutions come with communication ciphering by default. If you value the confidentiality, integrity, availability of your data, don’t take any chances, choose us.

Web accessibility

We are very sensitive to accessibility issues. BeezNest’s Chamilo LMS 1.10 is the first Open Source LMS to comply with WAI/WCAG AAA, following the notorious AChecker. This means that Chamilo complies (at least on its public pages) with the highest (most difficult) level of the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This is because we frequently make sure that we comply with as many guidelines as possible. We can not only assess you on your respect of these guidelines: we can help you comply!

Software security

BeezNest’s team keeps an open eye on all software vulnerabilities that might affect you. We are the one providing security updates to the Chamilo software under a 72 hours fix policy, and give a priority treatment to our customers. Don’t leave a door open for crackers! Give us the responsibility of your software security.

Software quality passionates

Did you ever wait for more than a month for an issue to be fixed on your portal?

BeezNest team members have managed international teams of developers contributing to Chamilo and other Open Source Software. We know the importance of conventions and following them, and the value of code maintainability when it comes to ensuring corrective, adaptative, perfective and preventive maintenance so that your system will feel safer and more usable.

We follow the guiding principles of ISO/IEC 25010:2011 (Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation) to make sure we continuously improve the quality of our software.

With maintainable software, issues are easier and faster to solve, so you get a solution quickly.

Customization skillfulness

BeezNest services include customization of the appearance of your portal. Because we know how important it is for your organization to differentiate itself from competitors, we offer highly customized implementations based on the Chamilo platform, making sure that your platform is not *just Chamilo*. Chamilo includes more than 25 CSS nice-looking designs, which have *all* been designed or maintained by BeezNest’s team over the last few years. Additionally, we have developed over 50 additional themes for our customers.

Access speed

Did you or your users ever suffer from slow access to a course? Then you know what we mean! When hosting your solution on our private cloud, you get special optimizations, reducing page loading times and increasing ranking of your platforms in search engines.

If we see your technique is not ideal, our team will also kindly recommend tips to reduce the volume of your videos, or other media to benefit your final users (some of them can increase the download speed up to 10 times with very little effort on your side).

Don’t punish your users with a cheap hosting service. Make sure they get the best experience with your e-learning portal. Pick real Chamilo professionals. Our cache-enabled hosting is up to 3 times faster than conventional hosting services.

Data loss prevention

BeezNest offers a 3 months backup strategy to cover your back. Depending on your plan, we take regular backups of your system to ensure any mistake or attack can be recovered from.

Comprehensive support

BeezNest’s solutions most of the time include support services that give you peace of mind. Most of the time, support time can be used to develop new reports or small customizations. Whatever the doubt, whatever the issue, we’ll be there to help you out because we value your custom!

Recognized experts

BeezNest is the company officially approved by the Chamilo Association’s Board of Directors as the responsible editor of Chamilo LMS. We are official providers, developers, translators and documentation publishers of Chamilo. We offer training for the certification exams of the Chamilo Association. We have experience with professional portals from 50 to 720,000 registered users (per portal), from Canada to New Caledony!

If e-learning means serious business to you, then we’re the ones you want to do this serious business with!

Do you still have doubts? Contact us and tell us why!