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We are official providers of Chamilo, recognized by the Chamilo Association, as well as the company that contributes the most actively to the platform development. By hiring our services, you contribute to the improvement of Chamilo

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The most simple-to-use courses management system, with more than 20 pedagogical tools

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Regular security updates, free pedagogical support through the Chamilo Community

¿What is Chamilo LMS?

A simple e-learning platform, recognized by international awards (Packt Publishing and as one of the free software tools with the brightest future

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Details of the

Chamilo Light Hosting plan

  • Last stable version of Chamilo
  • Online platform, 24/7 - availability at 99%
  • Create and manage up to 50 courses
  • Create and manage up to 300 users
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Up to 10 GB of hard disk space
  • Unlimited transfer
  • Personalized URL
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For more information, drop us an e-mail at:

Our customers trust Chamilo for its easiness of use and management, together with a large number of tools focused on providing online courses

Features of Chamilo

Courses management

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Creating and managing courses can be done easilyt through simple pages and limited options with the ability to increase the number of tools as you need them.

Users management

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Register new students and subscribe them to courses in seconds, with the group import features, from XLS files and students auto-subscription.

Pedagogical tools

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To allow teachers to give their courses as they please, we provide more than 20 useful and intuitive tools to build content or interact with students.

Learning certificates

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Go further than the teaching of the course, preparing the automatic generation of certificates to officialize the adquisition of skills of your students.

SCORM, AICC and IMS/QTI support

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Online education standards support is one of the strong elements of Chamilo. You can import external content into Chamilo easily.

Results exports

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Thanks to a series of export formats, generate reports in excel format or directly to an academical management system.

How to subscribe for a monthly plan

To register now for our promotional $125/month, Chamilo Light, you only need to follow the next four little steps:

  1. send us an e-mail at, giving us the details necessary to the customization of your portal (name of person in charge, e-mail, organization's name, address and phone number)
  2. send us a payment through PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer, for 3 months in advance (this payment covers the first 3 hosting months - there is no installation cost - after 3 months, the payment is required monthly or for any longer period)
  3. send us a payment confirmation e-mail
  4. wait (just a few hours, most of the time) for our instructions to start the use of your portal