LMS Hosting: Chamilo Pro

  • Chamilo Pro LMS Hosting

    Kick-start your online courses.

    Set an online institution up easily, or give a bonus support through an accessible portal from anywhere, anytime…

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    Experience Chamilo’s ease of use, now!

  • What is Chamilo LMS?

    A simple e-learning platform, recognized by international awards (Packt Publishing and Portalprogramas.com) as one of the free software tools with the brightest future.

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  • The easiest-to-use courses management system, with more than 20 pedagogical tools.

    Regular security updates, free pedagogical support through the Chamilo Community

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  • Our customers trust Chamilo for its easiness of use and management, together with a large number of tools focused on providing online courses

    For more information, drop us an e-mail at:

    Optional extensions are available to add videoconferencing capabilities, the conversion of PPT to learning paths, full-text indexing or a superior users limit. Let us know if you are interested in these options.

  • Details of this Hosting Plan

    • Last stable version of Chamilo
    • Online platform, 24/7 – availability at 99.9%
    • Create and manage up to 200 courses
    • Create and manage up to 1000 users (can be upgraded through extensions)
    • Unlimited sessions
    • Up to 25 GB of hard disk space
    • Unlimited transfer
    • Personalized URL
    • Videoconference for up to 20 simultaneous users (max 5GB video recording storage)
    • BeezNest’s unlimited level 2 support (English, Spanish or French)
    • Video training on how to use Chamilo
    • Pay monthly, tri-monthly or yearly

  • Courses management

    cursosCreating and managing courses can be done easilyt through simple pages and limited options with the ability to increase the number of tools as you need them.

  • Users management

    usuariosRegister new students and subscribe them to courses in seconds, with the group import features, from XLS files and students auto-subscription.

  • Pedagogical tools

    herramientasTo allow teachers to give their courses as they please, we provide more than 20 useful and intuitive tools to build content or interact with students.

  • Learning certificates

    certificadosGo further than the teaching of the course, preparing the automatic generation of certificates to officialize the adquisition of skills of your students.

  • SCORM, AICC, IMS/QTI support

    scormOnline education standards support is one of the strong elements of Chamilo. You can import external content into Chamilo easily.

  • Results export

    resultadosThanks to a series of export formats, generate reports in excel format or directly to an academical management system..

How to subscribe for a monthly plan

All of our Pro plans start with a short conversation on what you want to achieve, to make sure your portal is set up to your needs, so to register now for our 499€/month (~US$550), Chamilo Pro, you only need to follow the next four little steps:

  • send us an e-mail at sales@beeznest.com, giving us the details necessary to the customization of your portal (name of person in charge, e-mail, organization’s name, address and phone number)
  • have a conversation with us (can be through e-mail if you’d rather do it that way)
  • (later) send us a payment through PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer, for 3 months in advance (this payment covers the first 3 hosting months – there is no installation cost – after 3 months, the payment is required monthly or for any longer period)
  • send us a payment confirmation/proof e-mail
  • in less than 48h, we will send you instructions to start using your pre-configured e-learning portal
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