Servers & infrastructure


  • Dedicated servers

    Dedicated servers in personalized topologies with a large selection of configuration options, with on-demand updates and flexible contracts.

  • Storage

    A large selection of storage solutions, from automated copies to CDNs for high availability.

  • Security

    Specialized coverage of security concerns for IT infrastructure. Isolation of data, privileges, scans, encryption, etc

Network and infrastructure

  • BeezNest’s professional network and infrastructure team specializes in design, installations, configurations and maintenance of complex Linux-based infrastructures, optimized to give the best efficiency to web applications in PHP.

    We manage clusters of up to 20 servers in environments composed of a precise balance of virtual and physical servers, in order to provide the best efficiency and the highest scalability. Our team deals with IT infrastructures of great organizations, like Inveo, the European Commission, Corporación Radial del Perú, the digital newspaper of La República (Peru) and ICPNA.

    Furthermore, BeezNest is responsible for the maintenance of a server farm of more than 100 servers spread across Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Peru, USA and Canada. If you need to leave the management of your infrastructure to experts, you can count on us!

  • cloud

We skillfully and seamlessly combine load balancers, servers in fail-over, reverse proxies, databases in multi-master configuration, hard disks arrays and shared caching systems, because it’s not only our area: it’s our passion! This is why we offer integrated services with the latest or most reliable technological advances.

Our process

Each new infrastructure is a new challenge we love taking, and no requirement is equal to others. That’s why we divide our process between the following phases:

    • Analysis

      During which we study your needs in details. Our organization also includes a development area, so we can bring their expertise on board when selecting a new infrastructure.

    • Reserarch

      During which we check the latest technology, searching for the right balance between efficiency and stability.

    • Design

      During which we take our pencils to draw your infrastructure schema, and find where we are most likely to find bottlenecks and how to ensure the best flow of information.

    • Implementation

      During which we setup and configure your infrastructure, first in a test phase (integration, load and resilience testing), and then in production phase.

    • Optimization

      During which we analyse, day after day, the changes in the flow of information and the efficiency of the caching mechanisms to ensure the least impact on your end users.

    • Maintenance

      During which we ensure your infrastructure is covered for any circumstance, 24x7x365.

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