This article was first written in December 2003 for
the BeezNest technical website (
Mozilla is the all-in-one open source Internet application suite. It features, among others:
  • a web browser: Mozilla Navigator,
  • a MUA: Mozilla Mail,
  • an HTML editor: Mozilla Composer,
  • a calendar manager: Mozilla Calendar
and is the engine of most other open source high-end web browsers available, on many platforms. It is derived from and now the base for the famous Netscape. Lately, the developers decided to split the code into several distinct softwares, which will become the officially-supported ones one day: Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Nvu and Mozilla Sunbird. A lot of content has already been written to explain Why You Should Switch to Mozilla Firebird [1].
[1] in this case, Firebird is the previous name of Firefox, otherwise Firebird is also the free implementation of Borland's InterBase relational database engine