I sure am discovering a lot of interesting stuff on the net this week. I'm just done reading and watching a video on the eLML website. First reaction: interesting project. Apparently, some of the developers of fellow e-learning management system OLAT are involved in the development of eLML as well. eLML is just an XML schema for writing learning content. It's pretty much the same kind of stuff as SCORM, but it actually allows exports to SCORM, IMS, PDF and website-presentation (with YAML). Considering it was shouting loud that the export formats had been tested with Moodle, I thought we might try it and see if that worked with Dokeos as well, so I downloaded an example on their website and tried to import it to Dokeos and it worked out of the box. [caption id="attachment_339" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Importing eLML example as SCORM into Dokeos learning path"]Image retirée.[/caption] The provided SCORM export doesn't seem to offer the necessary JavaScript interface though, so it doesn't generate any reporting in Dokeos but it still looks like an interesting initiative to me... Maybe it would be interesting to have an eLML export feature in Dokeos, so courses generated in Dokeos could be exported to PDF (indirectly)?