BeezNest Latino is joining the BeezNest team

Afbeelding verwijderd.Starting 1st of January 2010, BeezNest Latino, formerly known as Dokeos Latinoamérica, will join efforts with BeezNest Belgium to provide its customers with a wider set of products and services, as well as regular support in Spanish. BeezNest Latino is composed of 10 software engineers, mostly Spanish-speaking, a web designer, a content creator and 2 testing engineers, specialized in web applications development. We are currently preparing an update of the BeezNest website (check its new style) in order to show the widened set of solutions we have already developed (password management system, trees/green areas management system, contacts management system, e-learning management system, multi-websites integration, etc). We sincerely believe this will provide a better experience and level of service, not  only to our customers, but also to the open-source community, as a large proportion of our work is returned to open-source software.


Congratulations Yannick, wish you the best in this new phase. What so great that a "Latin" business joins to a Belgian one.