Twig errors with custom template on Chamilo upgrade

If you use Chamilo and decided to develop your own template, you might be faced with an issue while upgrading from Chamilo 1.11.2 (or below) to 1.11.4 (or above). The issue will usually be reflected by either of these:
  • a white page
  • an error message about Twig
  • if you have xdebug installed and showing error messages, something like this:
Afbeelding verwijderd. This is due to the "get_configuration_value" filter being modified in 1.11.4 to "api_get_configuration_value". Nothing out of the ordinary, but you might be surprised to find it when you upgrade. Again, this only happens if you have developed your own template. If you haven't, then this will be taken in charge by the Chamilo upgrade process. To fix this, you have 2 methods:
  • Enter each file and change "get_configuration_value" to "api_get_configuration_value", then enter the admin panel of Chamilo and clean the cache directory
  • Under Linux, in command line, automate that replacement by getting into the main/template/my-template/ directory and launching the following command (then also clean the cache as above)
find . -type f -exec sed -i 's/get_configuration_value/api_get_configuration_value/g' {} +
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