HOWTO Build current XAMS Debian packages

This article was first written in September 2004 for the BeezNest technical
website (
For the moment, no official XAMS binary package exist. You have then to play a bit with the Subversion repository. So, update or export your xams-0.0.x and xams-0.0.x-debian repositories. Done? Ok, let's continue then. Copy your xams-0.0.x directory to another name, like xams-0.0.15+svn20040908 for example:
$ cp -ar xams-0.0.x/ xams-0.0.15+svn20040908/
Then, copy the debian subdirectory from your xams-0.0.x-debian directory to your newly-created one (xams-0.0.15+svn20040908 ).
$ cp -ar xams-0.0.x-debian/debian/ xams-0.0.15+svn20040908/
Copy then the autogen.conf preconfigured for Debian.
$ cp xams-0.0.x-debian/autogen.conf xams-0.0.15+svn20040908/
Install the latest build-dependencies (see list in the debian/control file). Enter the newly-created directory and modify the version number of the last entry of debian/changelog as well as the maintainer's line. Issue a debuild in the directory.
$ cd xams-0.0.15+svn20040908/
$ vi debian/changelog
$ debuild
It should build without problems.