Online Evaluations

The complex world of massive online evaluations

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Paper exams organization generates many issues:

  • Possibility for questions to be stolen, breaking the security chain of your question bank building process and generating a black market for exam questions.
  • Paper printing and transportation costs (mostly ecological in most cases).
  • Exams answers correction: Optical readers are great but they still leave room for human hacking and generate additional complexity for examinees, making it error-prone to match answers and checkboxes.


Skalatest solves…

Scalability of online exams

Scalability of online exams

Organize exams evaluating thousands of people simultaneously, thanks to the scalable properties of Skalatest


Security, wherever you may be

With multiple authentication factors, make sure your examinees are who they say they are.

Huge question banks

Huge question banks

Manage quickly and easily thousands of questions thanks to optimized interfaces.

Questions validation flow

Questions validation flow

Is security critical? Ensure nobody has access to the whole questions database at once.


Skalatest features



  • Multiple authentication factors.
  • Bcrypt-based password encryption.
  • SSL protection.
  • Database encryption.
  • Copy/paste locking


  • Fast questions bank generation.
  • Questions validation flow.
  • Internet-based distribution/publication.
  • Bandwidth reduction.
  • Media database.


  • Hotspot questions (plus 15 other questions types).
  • HTML5 compatibility.
  • WAI/WCAG AAA-level Accessibility.
  • Questions index for long exams.
  • Answers review option for examinees.

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