Chamilo now supported by all major auto-installers

Since mid-2018, Chamilo is supported by all 3 major auto-installer platforms: Softaculous, Fantastico and Installatron, making it easier than ever to install on your own hosted server equiped with CPanel or anything similar. [caption id="attachment_4584" align="aligncenter" width="604"]Imagen eliminada. The 3 major auto-installers now support Chamilo[/caption] Chamilo has been growing faster and faster and has reached 20M users in August 2018. Since a few years back, Softaculous and Installatron had already included support for Chamilo, but we didn't know about the inclusion of Chamilo in Fantastico. This seems to have been fixed now and we appear on the three auto-installer's lists of applications: Because of this support, most accessible hosting providers (like hostgator, godaddy, etc) will offer you a Chamilo installation in only a few clicks. Although we have not been contacted by Installatron nor Fantastico, we already had quite a few exchanges with Softaculous and gave them hints on how to help us distinguish portals installed through Softaculous from portals installed through another method, and the results have been amazing! In 12 months since August 2017, more than 7300 Chamilo portals have been installed, of which more than 20% came from Softaculous! It is our belief that Softaculous has a majority share of the market, so portals installed through the other 2 systems should be less than 20% (together?). A special thank you to these platforms for considering Chamilo!