Chamilo Training courses | BeezNest

Chamilo Training courses, our trainers have been directly involved in the development of Chamilo for many years. The platform holds no secrets for them, and they are passionate and engaging!

Our training programs cater to both beginners and experienced users, and we adapt the curriculum and pedagogical approach based on your profile.

Our training sessions are intensive and dynamic. We recommend scheduling 2X1/2 days to fully assimilate and practice the acquired knowledge. Typically, our training is delivered remotely using video conferencing solutions, and learners directly engage with a production Chamilo portal. In-person training can be arranged under certain conditions.


We offer three types of training :

  1. Administrator Training
  2. Trainer and Content Management Training
  3. Sysadmin Training


Here is an example of the typical schedule for our training programs :


Administrator Training covers the following topics :

  • Course Interface [15 mins]
  • General Interface [15 mins]
  • Basic and Advanced Roles [30 mins]
  • User Registration and Management [45 mins]
  • Course Management and Course Components [45 mins]
  • Sessions [45 mins]
  • Reporting and User Data Tracking [75 mins]
  • Basic Configuration Settings [30 mins]
  • Incident Reports and BeezNest Communications [30 mins]

Please note that this program is indicative and can be modified and customized according to the specific needs of the client, in agreement with our trainer. Time will be allocated for addressing questions and delving deeper into specific points.


Trainer Training covers the following topics :

  • Introduction and Basic Roles [30 mins]
  • General Interface [30 mins]
  • Personal Interface [15 mins]
  • Course Interface [30 mins]
  • Course Description Tool [30 mins]
  • Documents Tool [45 mins]
  • Exercises Tool [60 mins]
  • Forum Tool [30 mins]
  • Path Tool [60 mins]
  • Learner Tracking [60 mins]
  • Questions/Answers/Extensions [30 mins]


Sysadmin Training covers the following topics :

  • Installed Infrastructure [30 mins]
  • Software Stack: Installation and Configuration [90 mins]
  • Chamilo Installation [30 mins]
  • Application Overview (ApO) [60 mins]
  • Chamilo Configuration (main, email, authentication, etc.) [60 mins]
  • Practical Maintenance Operations (OpR) [180 mins]


Sysadmin training is usually exclusively offered to our "enterprise" clients who manage the hosting of their Chamilo portal and whose system administration team wishes to handle incidents related to their Chamilo instance.


We also offer other types of personalized training. Please feel free to request more information on this topic.