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  • E-learning

    We develop e-learning projects based on our customers’ needs, focusing on developing their skills through learning technology that boosts their potential.

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  • Servers

    We have excellent cloud services in terms of efficiency, high availability, scalabilty, security and control.

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  • Consulting

    We help you in all aspects of your corporate strategy, with a facetted vision (human, academical, technical, informatical) to make your project succeed in your company and on the web.

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  • Chamilo LMS hosting

    Start your e-learning project easily, create courses from wherever you are with our convenient hosting service and easy to use platform.

    • Courses and students management
      Create and manage students and courses easily.
    • Pedagogical tools
      Allow teachers to teach their courses the way they want to
    • Learning certificates
      Officialize your students’ learning through auto-generated certificates.
    • SCORM, AICC, IMS/QTI support
      Online education standards support
    • Export results
      A large number of reports allow you to track students progress online or offline.
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