Get your e-learning project under control

We develop Chamilo LMS to help you improve your organization's learning processes. The perfect online learning environment for your staff, customers and associates!!!

Get your e-learning project under control

Chamilo Official Providers

With more than a decade of experience in Open Source solutions used by millions of users around the world, we are the best e-learning platform services providers for you.

Concept & Ideas

We take you by the hand to start your e-learning project with personal consulting for a greater flexibility in your Chamilo project.

Development & Implementation

We develop new features for your Chamilo platform, based on your needs, through detailed analysis and planning.

Chamilo Training

We offer direct support with real humans available to help you. We are there to help and train you when you need it.


Maintain your e-learning platform based on your corporate identity. Make your Chamilo look as you see imagined it.

User Experience

At 2 to 4 time less training time than more conventional solutions, Chamilo is really easy to use. We work over every detail to offer you the best user experience in online learning.

Chamilo Hosting

Hosting plans designed to answer your business needs and to increase flexibility. Servers available at up to 99.99% (application-level).

Train your staff, measure outcomes, drive growth

Powerful and easy to use, Chamilo is built to maximize your satisfaction and enjoyment in learning and teaching online.

We work in close connection to our customers

Your strategic partner for your e-learning projects

BeezNest is an Oficial Provider of Chamilo and is a certified specialist in the development and implementation of the tools and resources Chamilo offers.

We actively contribute to the creation and development of the Chamilo Core. This allows us to offer quality services to our customers as we have the knowledge and experience required for complex use cases and a moving market. As our customer, you will feel comfort knowing your e-learning project is in the hands of a company with extensive trajectory, that officially represents the Chamilo platform.

Custom solutions
Custom solutions

We research, innovate and design the digital experiences that help you reach your organizational strategic goals. We design the custom experiences that enable your success.

E-learning professionals
E-learning professionals

Your Chamilo platform, always up to date with the latest features and security patches, with real-time monitoring and automated alerts permanently managed by qualified experts.


We satisfy training projects and technology needs of businesses interested in offering a better efficiency and increased competencies for their employees.

Realtime reporting

Follow the progress of your learners in their courses

Evaluate course participants' learning through tests and surveys. Develop and organize online evaluations or in person, and see detailed results using our integrated reporting tools.

Generate different training strategies based on statistics. Implement an ideal learning path based on participants behavior.

report types
Realtime reporting
Accessible e-learning

Chamilo, accessible from wherever you want it

Access your Chamilo platform from anywhere, anytime. Compatible with all browsers and platforms: desktop, tablets, smartphones with high responsiveness.

browser configurations

Our customers trust us long term

Most of our clients are with us for the long run. With an average of 10 years relationship, our customers enjoy easy hosting, support, new tools, contents and training with a high quality level.

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