Platform solutions


Consulting services for integrated e-learning platform solutions. Customized solutions based on your corporate needs and objectivs.

We help improve your staff’s efficiency to increase the value they bring to your business through innovative e-learning solutions. Train or evaluate people at large scales (up to 800K registered users or 5000 simultaneous connections).

Businesses of all sizes regularly trust us for 5 years and more for their e-learning solutions.

Platform solutions

Integrated E-Learning

With more than a decade of experiencie in Open Source solutions used by millons of users around the world, we are the best e-learning platform services providers for you.



We make a plan with you based on your needs, deadlines and objectives, including infrastructure, design and distribution processes.



We develop new modules or features for your e-learning platform in order to optimize processes, reduce barrier to adoption and increase motivation. Learning analytics, courses catalogues, payment processing gateways, learners registration workflows... Nothing it out of reach.

Production and design

Production and design

We design and produce courses environments with attractive looks and fully responsive features to let learners learn on the go in a user-friendly environment.


Chamilo LMS Features

1.Everything in one course.

Pedagogical, communication, administrative and tracking tools all in one place, easy to manage.


Completely tuned to your organization’s branding.

3.Authoring tools:
import or create all types of contents directly from the platform (learning paths, exercises, assignments, forums, groups, etc).

Access to your virtual campus from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone), 24×7.

Manage users, courses, classes, sessions/cycles, multiple branding, administration, reports within a few clicks.

6.Tracking and control:
Generate activity reports for students (or teachers) follow-up.