2nd level support

2nd level support

We integrate and unlimited technical support of question/answer type to our hosting plans. Enjoy a permanent support service and offer a maximum work comfort to your team. A substantial time and money benefit!

technical support

3rd level technical support

We offer 3rd level technical support pack of hours that allow you to ask for interventions of our team of Chamilo experts on your e-learning portal (be it hosted with us or not). These packs are valid for 1 year and are offered in different sizes: 20h/50h/100h/200h.

2nd level support: Allows you to get answers quickly to questions about the use of Chamilo, like on the basic configuration in the courses. This type of support is mainly directed to teachers and administrators. This time can be used to ask for small configuration changes (logo, platform access rules, social networks referencing, etc, but not complex plugin activations) and fixes or avoidance methods for critical issues in Chamilo, for which the total job doesn’t take more than an hour.

3rd level technical support: Allows you to ask for bug fixes and development or customizations of small features that take no longer than 5h to complete. These must be changes to existing features, and not development of completely new features. They allow you to ask for design changes where these changes are mostly CSS and icons. This does *not* include templating work. These requests are not submitted to a precise budgeting. We evaluate the amount of time we need, ask you for confirmation and get down to work quickly and efficiently. You can later ask for additional changes in exchange for hours left in your pack.

Subscribing to a technical support pack

We help you choose the best pack based on your needs and several criteria. You can use your support pack for one year, as soon as necessary, and exchange with our project managers and our team through your dedicated support tickets space. We maintain a close relationship with our customers to understand their methodologies and answer in a personalized way while respecting the structure of each organization. Our interest reside in the full satisfaction of our customers, because you are our best marketing team.