Saint-Nicolas, a good day to start a blog

Back in Belgium (and most of Europe), today is the day of "Saint Nicolas", a (initially) Turkish cardinal or something, that was canonised around 300AD (I don't know why exactly). Nowadays though, Saint Nicolas is the scholars patron and all the kids in Belgium will celebrate him because they know he's going to offer them lots of presents (usually sweets and biscuits) if they have been good boys and girls during the past year. Well, if this blog is a little more technical than children celebrations, it's still to do with scholars and stuff, but seen on the side of the tools that, nowadays, can help students learn better, in a way that is much more pleasant and interactive than paper books. This is my first post, and I don't like to spend a lot of time writing stuff (I already do for my work), but hopefully I will have a few minutes twice a week to keep you updated about what I'm working on, how interesting it is, what challenges I'm facing and how the hell I can do that although I'm 10,000 miles away from most of Dokeos' clients. I'm a PHP developer (mostly) with around 5 years experience now (I started during my studies) and I *love* my job. Happy Saint Nicolas to all of you and welcome to this blog!