SCORM, learning paths and the prerequisites

I've mentioned SCORM before, but I didn't enter into the details. I won't do that today either, but I've just been working on a bug with the handling of prerequisites in the learning paths in Dokeos, which implies a somewhat unperfect SCORM 1.2 export. I've recorded the bug and the progress in our bug tracking system (which I will call BTS from now on): FS#2112 Basically, the problem is that when building a learning path, the score to achieve in the prerequisite item is recorded on the line of the current item, in the min_score column, which is a column for storing the minimal acceptable score for an item (imported from a SCORM package) and *not* to store the score to be achieved for this step to be considered "completed", which then allows the step depending on that result to determine if it can show itself or not. So, this is not fixed yet because I've been busy with other things, but will be fixed next week (I've got the code almost-completely ready for submission into subversion). Update (2007/12/14) I have now completed the review of the prerequisites code. There was indeed a nice set of related nasty bugs. The fixes implied code changes in the learning path and the quiz tools (sign that the new object-oriented code coming with Dokeos 2.0 will be a good thing) and in the database data (done with the migration script from 1.8.4 to 1.8.5).