BeezNest largely contributing to Dokeos 1.8.5

Although it has never been really clearly told, BeezNest is, through the work of one of its main developers (myself), contributing importantly to Dokeos. I'm just putting the last touch to the release of the stable version of Dokeos 1.8.5, which has seen major improvements in stability since 1.8.4, and a tremendous amount of bugfixes and new practical features. With 1.8.5, Dokeos opens the door wide for the world of large businesses. The interface is much more practical to use, the Dokeos company strengthened its services around data exchanges with large knowledge management systems, and the product is by far the most stable of the series. So, at BeezNest, we are very happy to see this release happen, and we hope we'll get a brand new category of clients with it (not that the ones we have are not good, but we just can't get enough!)