Improved SCORM content migration from 1.6.5 to 1.8.6

I've had to review the SCORM content migration from 1.6 to 1.8 just today, and really, this is not something I'm enjoying. The complexity of migrating the old structure is enormous due to the lack of structure we had in 1.6, that lead many to launch a SCORM content through a simple link, rather than importing the SCORM content through the SCORM tool (yes, 1.6 allowed that and no, we are not going to allow this again because it makes a mess of the internal structure). So basically, what have I done? First, I made sure the links from the course introductions *and* the course links were both treated as possible sources of learning paths. There was something checking those links before, but they were only treated if there was a corresponding correctly-added learning path in the tool. Second, I realised that, when checking if one of these links really pointed to a SCORM file, I didn't actually take into account the fact that the old repository was placed, for the time of the migration, into another directory. So I was checking into the receiving courses directory (which at this point of the migration process is still empty) for a file that was in the old courses directory. This, of course, prevented the migration of such SCORM contents to be succesful. This has now been fixed. These change comes a bit later than the official 1.8.5 stable release, so you won't benefit from them if you download a stable version from the website now. However, you can still download the file and apply it on the main/install/ directory of the 1.8.5 package *before* you upgrade from 1.6.5 to 1.8.5. Et voilà, I hope this helps the million of people out there still having held on before migrating from 1.6 to 1.8. While doing all this, I also realised that some of the courses tools were not correctly moved from the Production section to the Interaction section, but I didn't find how to fix it. The SQL query is there, it is apparently not working. This is just a matter of executing a little script afterwards though, or updating the database (I've seen the problem for the forum and the announcements tools). You can fix it (in every course database) by issuing:
mysql> update tool set category='interaction' where name = 'announcement';
You can check out the script itself by clicking the "download" link in our subversion repository