GNOME 2.x Desktop

Our preferred free desktop for X (the X Window System) is the GNOME Desktop. There are actually a lot of reasons to prefer it over others [1]. Most of them are summarized here: GNOME in a nutshell and So, why GNOME? Ours are mainly because we feel it is faster and looks a lot prettier than any other, and most major free softwares are already or are getting more integrated with GNOME in a near future (ex.: Galeon, GAIM, …). It is currently available in version 2.x [2]: GNOME Desktop 2.14. It is also particularly well integrated and up-to-date into . Some screenshots: GNOME 2.14 and GNOME 2.8 Screenshots and GNOME 2.6 Screenshots and GNOME 2.4 Screenshots.
[1] like KDE [2] currently 2.14 as of this article
This article was first written in November 2003 for
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