My contribution to SCORM 2.0 ideas

Following my article on SCORM 2.0 White Paper call, and the kind personal invitation to contribute from Mike Rustici, I decided to go ahead and submit my list of suggestions to the SCORM 2.0 thinking process team just before the deadline (I've been quite busy on other stuff, including urgent personal matters). This is the first time ever that Dokeos contributes somehow (even though it's a very little piece of the enormous puzzle) to the design of an e-learning standard. I am personally convinced that it shows an improvement in our team's organisational level: we are now moving from following the standards to helping in their conception. SCORM 2.0 wants to be more open (=follow more open standard to avoid restrictions on adoption), that's officially what the goal of this new version is, so I can only hope that the work starting now will be taken seriously and lead to a much better standard. About half of my suggestions are about documentation and removing the barriers to adoption, that were there in both 1.2 and 1.3. You can find all the white papers submissions here, and comment freely: