Biased LMS comparison matrix (or what incompetent LMS marketing people might do when idle)

I had a big grind looking at a new LMS comparison matrix edited by Docebo... (an Italian open-source LMS solution) It's a 6-pages document and the useful information is limited to:
  • annual financial data from the three major closed-source LMS software companies
  • a list of available LMS
In comparison, these are a few things I noted while reading
  • automatic (bad-taste) translation of the document into 12 languages (that they proudly represent by flag on the main page of their site)
  • totally un-researched (anybody with a little knowledge of the e-learning platforms market can spot that right away)
  • financial data only available up to 2006 (hello... where are the 2 last years, or at least until 2nd quarter last year?)
  • 6 pages, basically saying "if your organization is of type X, you should choose docebo). Well OK, that's marketing, but honestly... there's marketing and marketing.
Damn, I hate it when wrong data is given to the mass as a specialist view. And damn, do their logo look like a bad copy of Dokeos'... Thanks to Hector for bringing my attention to their site. And to think that we are preparing a matrix of our own, features based... damn I hope none of that kind of thing will make it into the final document!