Too busy

I don't know what's happened but August was supposed to be a quiet month and then all of a sudden dozens of work requests appeared and we have been completely drowned with work. The good news in all that is that a lot of new features are coming out for the benefit of all in Dokeos, but I'm not sure I can sustain the rhythm of 4 hours night sleep for much longer... We've also been working a lot with Mercurial the last few weeks and, although the system is very flexible, it has pretty much become our nightmare to work with it, mostly because of poor implementation of the Eclipse - Mercurial plugin, which has proven... not buggy, but *very* unintuitive (we were doing pretty well with Subversion before). As a team of 10, having to spend 10% of our time resolving unsubmitable commits is just a pain in the *** and makes us loose a lot of time and efficiency. This being said, we have decided to go for the terminal way (like command-line, not suicidal) for now to avoid the upsetting plugin. We now have a central public repository, private client development repositories, and a private "pro and medical" versions repository, that we use to develop customized versions of Dokeos for specific activity sectors. I am also *trying* to improve what the Dokeos internal network can do for you, as there is a lot of space for improvement there right now. There are a lot of free software conferences planned for the end of the year (where I have my own lorry space) and I have been invited to Edutic in Chile on the 23rd of September (invitation to Dominican Republic was abandonned for crisis reasons).