Migration to Chamilo

We offer software engineering services of

  • migration from Blackboard(TM) to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from WebCT(TM) to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from Angel(TM) LMS to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from Lecando(TM) to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from Moodle(TM) to Chamilo 1.11
  • migration from ATutor(TM) to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from Dokeos(TM) to Chamilo 1.11
  • migration from Sakai(TM) to Chamilo 1.8
  • migration from FileMaker(TM) to Chamilo 1.8

We have previous experience in migrating content from WebCT, Lecando and Blackboard to Dok€os. Migration generally follows the following cycle:

  • Signing of confidentiality and legal responsibility agreements (you have to take the legal responsibility of accessing your LMS data through another system than the contracted LMS)
  • Analyzing the current LMS implementation
  • Exporting sample data
  • Evaluating the percentage of data that can be transferred without loss or damage (generally around 90%)
  • Writing up the software to migrate
  • Exporting the data
  • Importing into Chamilo (running the migration software)
  • Testing on migration server
  • Approving the export
  • Exporting the data again
  • Importing into Chamilo
  • Last checks
  • Chamilo in production

The whole cycle described above generally lasts around a month and a half, and has to be scheduled 2 months in advance. Depending on the amount of data, the easiness to access the data and its specific structure, prices may vary (non-binding prices, only provided as illustration) from US$5,000 to US$100,000 + corresponding taxes.

Why migrate to Chamilo?

Chamilo is probably the easiest LMS system to use. While very complete, its easiness implies:

  • reduced software training costs (1 to 5 i comparison with other open-source LMS, for example)
  • reduced dropping rate from learners and trainers
  • increased visibility of course content. The platform is practically invisible to the student


BeezNest is the company most active in the development of Chamilo, an open-source e-learning LMS with millions of users worldwide. Try Chamilo at http://campus.chamilo.org If you want to get in touch, just send us an e-mail at info at beeznest dot com