User's mail: My Chamilo LMS is slow

Sir, I am a user of Chamilo 1.8 as my Website is :**.in and i am having about 1300 users registered on that portal but i always face big problem with chamilo 1.8 that when i take test of all users on same day then it stops working. chamilo 1.8 is not able to handle online users more than 40, so i am facing big problem right now. Sir, i want to ask u that should i upgrade or use chamilo 2.1 so that i can handle up to 2000 users online at same time for better output. or please give me the solution for my problem . Waiting for your response! Regards M.K.
Our answer: Hello Mandeep, You can try Chamilo LCMS Connect 2.1 if you want, but: - there is no working upgrade mechanism from Chamilo LMS (1.8, 1.9) to Chamilo LCMS Connect (2.1, 3.1) at the moment - Chamilo LCMS Connect 3.1 should be out in a few days now - Chamilo LMS 1.8 is *much* lighter than Chamilo LCMS 2.1 as far as we know, so upgrading would definitely not fix the weight problem. Apart from that, you might be interested to know that: - Chamilo LMS 1.9.2 will be released this week (but it is a bit heavier than Chamilo 1.8) - Chamilo LMS and Chamilo LCMS Connect have no real common point (apart of the fact that they are managed by the same association and are LMS platforms) - there is an optimization guide in the documentation/ folder of Chamilo LMS. Please read it and make sure you apply a few hints from there to your portal. You might get great improvements in speed if you know a little bit of optimization principles (for example showing the number of connected users adds a massive load time to each page if you do not use any shared memory variable caching) - 1300 registered users shouldn't be a problem. However, the number of *simultaneous* users is really where the stress might come from. The hardware you use for this site will be the issue if you use a virtual machine with low resources, for example. Do not think of an LMS as a blog or website: in an LMS, all the content has to be personalized, which is much more difficult to optimize than a website, where the content is the same for all users. I've had a look at the reports for the homepage (can't go further without login) of***.in/elms/ and it seems alright (C-Rank without optimizations is rather good). Taking a test for 1300 users simultaneously will *obviously* put a lot of load on the database. You could reduce the load by trying different settings, like having all questions on one page instead of one question per page (because people will finish the exam at different times and will only send one big SQL request at the end of the test, which will hopefully be treated faster than one request every time one single person answers one single question), or adding in-cache indexes to your MySQL database but, most of all, you will need to have a solid database behind your site (having it on a separate server to split the load between php and MySQL might be a good idea). Best regards, Y.W.


I notice there is a comment "Chamilo LCMS Connect 3.1 should be out in a few days now"
Where is the software located for download?

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Hi John,
The Chamilo LCMS Connect is a separate, experimental (in my view) project. Download of anything similar to a "package" can only be done from and consists of several repositories. In fact, I even heard lately that there would be no official release for 3.* and that it would be version 4.something straight away. The team in charge of this development has serious communication flaws. Please ask in the LCMS section of the forum at for help on this issue.
The latest official stable release of Chamilo, at the time of writing, is Chamilo LMS 1.9.4 and version 1.9.6 will be published in around two months from now.