Chamilo: Fixing editor areas after an upgrade

Sometimes you might face issues in Chamilo after a version upgrade whereby the large edition areas (textarea elements in HTML) do not appear anymore. This is a possible side effect of both the server cache and your browser cache. To avoid this, go to the Administration panel, look for the "System" block and click the "Cleanup of cache and temporary files" entry. Click the "Proceed with cleanup" button.

This will take care of the cache on your server and might already fix the issue. If not, there might be a bit of browser cache. Open the page with the edition area that does not appear and press CTRL+F5 on your keyboard to remove the browser cache.

This should fix the issue.

Note that if the server cache cleanup was not enough, all users will have to press CTRL+F5 in order to clean their browser's cache. This is an undesired (but relatively rare) effect of browser caching. With every new version of Chamilo, we strive to improve the process to reduce the likeliness of those event occurring.