10 New features in Chamilo 1.11.18

10 New features in Chamilo 1.11.18

Maximize your platform with these 10 new features in Chamilo 1.11.18


Chamilo 1.11.18 is a minor version for bug fixes and security improvements released under the name Grünheide, a municipality of Berlin, Germany.
Grünheide has been the selected municipality by an important car maker for the massive manufacturing of electric cars in Europe. It therefore represents the future of the transition from fossil fuels to shared prosperity. This is how we see Chamilo 2.0, as a tool to increase the potential of open-source software to contribute to an equal education for all. Chamilo 1.11.18 is one more step in that direction. Download this new update, try it out and share your feedback with the community.


------------------ Highlighted features ---------------------


AI Plugin

This new feature incorporates in Chamilo all the power of OpenAI/ChatGPT making the process of creating test type questions simpler. You can now ask ChatGPT from the tests interface to create a test using the ailken format; once the questions are generated, they will appear in the Chamilo format completely editable and ready for you to review.


Best attempt of a test in lessons

You've added a test to a lesson. The test has 3 attempts. A student gets a 4, an 8, and finally a 6. Now you can finally tell the system to only take into account the best of the three attempts made by the student. That way they can use all their attempts and improve with practice without fear of getting a lower score on the last attempt.


Progress bar for your larger files

No more worries about how long it will take or what percentage of a file has already been uploaded. Now, with the new progress bar for heavy file uploads, you will always know what stage the upload of your file is at.


Account Locking

Security in the digital world is becoming increasingly important. That's why we've added a functionality that you can activate from configuration.php ('login_max_attempt_before_blocking_account') which will allow you to lock an account when too many failed access attempts have occurred.


Improvements in the Attendance Tool

There are many trainings, especially in the context of hybrid training that require very specific follow-up. With this in mind, we have improved the attendance registration tool by adding the possibility to add comments, classify by types of absences, durations and the possibility to add signatures in the attendances.


Improvements in xAPI Support

Experience API or xAPI is a software specification for e-learning that allows content and LMSs to communicate with each other so that all kinds of learning experiences can be recorded and tracked. In this new version of Chamilo, we have improved compatibility so that your content can interact without any issues.


Provider Mode for LTI

Transform Chamilo activities into IMS/LTI activities that you can share with another portal compatible with LTI. For example, share the SCORM contents hosted in your virtual campus with other external portals, whether they use Chamilo or another LMS (as long as it supports LTI).


Forums in Sessions

In the course configuration section, forums, we have added the ”share_forums_in_sessions” option to show all categories, forums, threads regardless of session_id filtering (so that all forums from all sessions are visible in all sessions).


Improvement in Exercise Connectivity

As an administrator of your campus, you will be able to add the "quiz_keep_alive_ping_interval" function to avoid disconnections while a student answers an exercise. Avoid them being left halfway through or that all the exam data is not saved with this improvement.


Portfolio Creation Tool

The eportfolio tool allows students to create posts based on a pre-defined template to help them get started with activities. They just need to click on the template on the left side and the template will appear on the right side for them to edit and complete the post with their own data.