Chamilo 1 "LMS", Chamilo 2 "LCMS Connect", and the desambiguation

There's been much talk over the last years about Chamilo 1 and 2, whether they were the same product, whether we were going to merge, etc. Last month's General Assembly of the Chamilo Association (which also made me the happy president of the association) helped us clarify a common line of conduct which, I am sure, most will appreciate. If you're in a hurry, you'd better move directly to the end of this article ("Conclusion"), because I want to drive you through the history of both projects now to give you a complete understanding of both pieces of software.

History of Chamilo 1 (now Cha

Demystifying Dokkeos 2.0

This post is the follow-up to a series of questions I've been asked about Dokkeos 2.0. I know, the name is misspelled, but I have a formal interdiction from the original trademark holder to use the protected name... Yes, it's come to this point now, what's going to be next, I wonder... In fact, I would probably not write this post if Dokkeos was respectful of the community game we're playing, but then asking me access to our servers to delete references of the true Dok...