The complete guide to screencasting in Ubuntu 14.04 + Gnome Shell

For those developers of you wanting to do more than just develop under Linux, you'll have realized that there are many things stopping you for doing proper video tutorials as easily as you would do it with some non-free (as in freedom) software. Fear not, though, as this tutorial, written at a time between Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 with the Gnome Shell, will help you go through it and hopefully setup a perfect environment that you will be able to re-use anytime, anywhere (with your laptop).

YouTube requirements

In order to prepare a good video tutorial, the first thing you need is: stan

Changing Dokeos style, #2

A few weeks ago, I explained how to change the Dokeos footer to make it "float". Today, in the context of an indirect contract with the Ministry of Education in Peru, I have to change the style a little bit more. The idea is to [1] have a left bar showing large tools icons in the course homepage, and [2] have an alternative portal homepage for users, showing an introductory screen of the main general tools. This must all work on a 800x600 screen (which is a real challenge).

[1] Left toolbar showing course tools

This is not as tricky as it sounds (although it's very close to it).