Chamilo 1.11 on Raspberry Pi 3 for off-the-grid situations

This article can be considered an update of our first article on installing Chamilo (on a Raspberry Pi B+). This time, we are testing it with Raspberry 3, as of the 1st of April 2017 (no joke intended). Last time, we were testing with Chamilo 1.9, which is arguably less load-intensive, considering it doesn't include any Symfony component, and it doesn't require any .htaccess configuration.

Important meetings

Sometimes I like to treat this blog as a personal one and write down things that might affect in fundamental ways our future... or at least my own future, potentially. Anyway, I'm currently living in Peru and had a series of meeting over the last two months with the new Electronical Government Office (ONGEI).

Descrubriendo la XO/OLPC

Como lo he mencionado antes, D0keos Latinoamérica acaba de recibir un prestamo de 6 XO para el desarrollo de un proyecto de integración D0keos-OLPC. Este articulo es el reporte de lo que estoy descubriendo, para que sirva a los demás.

Las XO corren Fedora

[olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release OLPC release 9 (Joyride) [olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ uname -a Linux xo-4B-D2-A3.localdomain 2.6.25-20090223.1.olpc.69098d87d56945c #1 PREEMPT Mon Feb 23 13:37:03 EST 2009 i586 i586 i386 GNU/Linux [olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ cat /proc/version Linux version 2.6.25-20090223.1.olpc.69098d87d

OLPC project, Escuelab and Dokeos/Chamilo

Today I went to the Escuelab in the centre of Lima to meet with Alberto, Kike Mayorga and Kiko Contreras. My visit was apparently taken with great interest and they've video-interviewed me for some time to talk about DOKUDA and my projects with Dokeos and the OLPC (now updated to Chamilo and the OLPC). Apparently, the idea to have Dokeos/Chamilo run on one of the XO itself was never thought about, and that seemed to be an announcement of uttermost interest to them that this *could* be done at all.