Installing Redmine 2.1 on Debian Squeeze with Apache modPassenger

This article is co-authored by Jérôme Warnier, from work mostly done by him with my occasional support. Kudos go to him. We couldn't find any valuable manual to install Redmine 2.1 on Debian Squeeze, and we sure met a lot of resistance along the way, so we came up with the following step-by-step guide...

Sources of inspiration

We used the following resources as a starting point.

Munin nginx_status fails on HTTPS

This must appear in one opportunity in 1000, but it happened to me, so I bet it might have just happened to you... Munin is great, Nginx is great, and SSL is great, but when you mix all of them together, you might get some frustrating behaviour. If you don't know it already, you can test the results of a Munin plugin on Debian-based systems with the command
sudo munin-run [plugin]
For example, if your nginx_status graph in the Munin web interface is empty, you can try
sudo munin-run nginx_status
The name of the plugin will auto-complete with the TAB key, with any plugin

Chamilo is nearing completion

For all those of you who've been expecting this release for a long time, we are finally closing in and this week seems to be the ideal time to have ourselves an first release candidate, which will last only one week of all goes well. Unlike previous versions, Chamilo doesn't bring any major new feature. Instead, it is the fruit of a very deep process of trials and fixes, which has been lasting more than 60 days now and sums up to a staggering 1000 of working hours.

AELF 2010 - Paris

Image removed.Dear all, As this is my first post as an official member of the Chamilo community please allow me to introduce myself, I am Cedric and I am currently in charge of Business Development at BeezNest. Today was the first day of the AELF show at CNIT, Paris (, which I attended.