Why is the Chamilo package so big?

In recent years, the Chamilo LMS software we develop has grown in size, to something that many people might consider unreasonable (to some extent, we do too). This article explains why the Chamilo package for Chamilo 1.11.8 weighs 1100MB (yeah, 1.1GB!) or, in its compressed form, about 285MB. We've heard comments of many people about this. These usually go like this:

Behringer C-1U microphone under Linux - recording level too low

If you wanted to find a good way to record good quality audio and decided to buy a Behringer C-1U (U meaning USB connector), then connected it on your Ubuntu (or other Linux distribution) only to find that the sound recording level was so low you could barely hear it, then you're almost like me. I mean, unless you have found a way to fix it, in which case you're exactly like me!   Image removed.

Munin nginx_status fails on HTTPS

This must appear in one opportunity in 1000, but it happened to me, so I bet it might have just happened to you... Munin is great, Nginx is great, and SSL is great, but when you mix all of them together, you might get some frustrating behaviour. If you don't know it already, you can test the results of a Munin plugin on Debian-based systems with the command
sudo munin-run [plugin]
For example, if your nginx_status graph in the Munin web interface is empty, you can try
sudo munin-run nginx_status
The name of the plugin will auto-complete with the TAB key, with any plugin

Firefox 15 PDF Reader preview

In Ubuntu, the shipped Firefox 15 comes with the new embedded HTML5 PDF reader disabled. It is easy to enable though. Go to "about:config", search on "pdf" and switch the "pdfjs.disabled" entry to "false". Restart Firefox and test it pointing to some PDF URL. In case it does not work, have a look at the "Portable Document Format (PDF)" type to action association in "Edit->Preferences->Applications" and set it to the internal Firefox preview.

Building a Debian Lenny package for Sphinxsearch

See the second part of http://sphinxsearch.com/wiki/doku.php?id=sphinx_on_debian_gnu_linux for the original post:
$ cd
$ mkdir src
$ cd src
$ sudo grep deb-src /etc/apt/sources.list > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wheezy.list
$ sudo vim wheezy.list
  (change squeeze to wheezy and remove security line)
$ sudo apt-get update
$ mkdir sphinxsearch
$ cd sphinxsearch
$ apt-get source sphinxsearch
$ apt-get build-dep sphinxsearch
$ cd sphinxsearch-2.0.3/
$ debuild
$ cd ..
$ dpkg -i sphinxsearch_2.0.3-1_amd64.deb
You can then start it with
$ sudo vim /etc/default/sphinxsearch

20 most common passwords

I wouldn't want this post to disappear, so just to make sure that the information is better spread on what passwords *not to use*, here is the list: 1. 123456 2. 12345 3. 123456789 4. Password 5. iloveyou 6. princess 7. rockyou 8. 1234567 9. 12345678 10. abc123 11. Nicole 12. Daniel 13. babygirl 14. monkey 15. Jessica 16. Lovely 17. michael 18. Ashley 19. 654321 20. Qwerty Come on, people, get some imagination!