An eportfolio for self and collective reflexion in the EKT Project

We needed to have a tool that enable student teacher to reflect on their learning but also on their experiences in their training period. The solution was developped as a tool in the Chamilo LMS wich is part of the EKT platform.

The eportfolio tool enable student to create posts based on predefined template to help them initiate activities. They only need to click on the template on the left hand side and the template will appear in the right for them to edit it to complete the post with their own data.

E-learning quality evaluation methods

The written proceedings of the 2011's International Conference on e-Learning in Serbia caught my eye with an article called "HYBRID MODEL FOR E-LEARNING QUALITY EVALUATION" by Suzana Savić, Miomir Stanković and Goran Janaćković, not actually for the hybrid model (although it has its merits), but mainly for listing projects analysing different aspects of e-learning quality (resulting in evaluation models) actually available right now, which I want to list here for later reference:
  • Supporting Excellence in E-L

Chamilo is nearing completion

For all those of you who've been expecting this release for a long time, we are finally closing in and this week seems to be the ideal time to have ourselves an first release candidate, which will last only one week of all goes well. Unlike previous versions, Chamilo doesn't bring any major new feature. Instead, it is the fruit of a very deep process of trials and fixes, which has been lasting more than 60 days now and sums up to a staggering 1000 of working hours.

One week until 1.8.6 stable

Regular readers will start to think that I like giving delays that I cannot respect. To be on the *safe* side, I'd like them to know that customers always have priority over the software, which gives me a good excuse to be late on delivering the public version of Dokeos 1.8.6 :-) Alternatively, customers are the ones investing into Dokeos and allowing us to develop a great product. So thank you, dear customer.