Gallery 2.3 not translating

Just in case you would fall upon this issue as well, Gallery2 requires the corresponding language-specific locales to be installed on the system (it depends on them to show the matching translated terms). The code to do that (and to debug it) is located (in Gallery 2.3) on line 330 of modules/core/classs/GalleryTranslator.class. We hope it helps you a little.

Why using partial strings for translations is not a good idea

This article is clearly at level "piece of cake" for those of you working day to day with UTF-8 and unicode headaches, but I have plenty of problems with my own team to explain why they should never put a string like this:
$SomeString = "This value must not be inferior to";
in the Dokeos translations system, but they never learn :-) This would later appear in the code as something close to:
echo get_lang('SomeString');
and this would make it available in all the supported languages (if translated by a good will in his own language). So here i