GPL Violations

I received an e-mail from someone at the group, regarding an inquiry I made about a company that might be infringing GPL with an unproper use of Dokeos. Basically they're telling me I should investigate the case with people that have previous knowledge of GPL violations case in a country where the company is established (for example the US in this case). Well, it's all very interesting, but then I sent the inquiry about a year ago... yup... one year.

Is respecting GPL too complicated?

I've had a bunch of hunches recently about companies abusing the licensing terms of Dokeos by officially declaring (but only verbally so far) that their product (being Dokeos, but not officially) is not open-source software. The GPL licensing makes it clear that the software derived from GPL software, or any alteration to a GPL software *must* be open-sourced, at least for the people it is distributed to.