Working on online translation for Akelos

We are currently working on the development (or co-development, as a base was made available to us by the Akelos team itself) of a plugin to Akelos that fixes the current problems of language variables duplication, deprecation and need for a manual edition of the files. There are still a few things to be fixed in terms of getting that into a production environment for Akelos instead of just the develo

Why using partial strings for translations is not a good idea

This article is clearly at level "piece of cake" for those of you working day to day with UTF-8 and unicode headaches, but I have plenty of problems with my own team to explain why they should never put a string like this:
$SomeString = "This value must not be inferior to";
in the Dokeos translations system, but they never learn :-) This would later appear in the code as something close to:
echo get_lang('SomeString');
and this would make it available in all the supported languages (if translated by a good will in his own language). So here i

Fixes for Gallery 2 French translation in module 'core'

After years using G2, I finally fixed the fr.po for core module and submitted it to latest registered French translator of Gallery2 several weeks again. After review, he encoded the following tracker on for everybody to benefit from it, even if no G2 update is ever published again:

As G2 is using gettext, updating it it fairly easy.


PHP 5.3 and the Internationalization extension

In this article, Stas Malyshev describes the internationalization extension and mentions it's been included in the PHP 5.3 core. It is an extensive article with plenty of examples to explain every component of Internationalization: Locale, Collator, Number formatter, Date formatter, Message formatter, Normalizer, Grapheme and Internation Domain Names. Pretty useful. Storing it for later (when Dokeos will require 5.3 by default, or the installation of the extension in 5.2)