Building a free open-source development business is not easy

Note: I'm talking about free, public, open-source software here, not that hacked open-source stuff that you just provide to your customers. Mostly, the difficulty of managing an open-source business is that there are even less good management people that know what free open-source software is than there are good management people at all. And then when an open-source business in launched, it's most probably because the initial entrepreneur knew what open-source software was and thought he had a good idea on how to make business with it.

Joining us for lunch?

In BeezNest Latino (the new name of Dokeos Latinoamérica), we have lunch together every Wednesday at a nearby restaurant. It's a tradition, and it's on the company. Today though, a few of us got there about 5 minutes later than the firsts, and were greated  with no seats left and two separate tables with people having lunch independently. This already happened once in the past (in over a year), but today I was in a particularly bad mood (doesn't happen much) so I decided to take action and avoid this repeating itself.