End of July update on Dokeos development

I thought I'll write a short update on what we are doing at Dokeos at the moment, so you don't think we're just sleeping through the summer holidays... Eric and Julian, of the French team, are currently working on a project for a specific hospital management school in France, and on a large and long-time review project before the migration of portals to version 1.8.5 for an important Belgian client.

Trying out PECL's SCA_SDO package

In order to start offering Web Services inside Dokeos, I (and Stefaan Vanbillemont) have been testing out the SCA_SDO package from PECL (for PHP), that reportedly offers the possibility to deploy web services from existing functions only by including a common file and adding a bit of documentation "PHPDocumentor style" to the code. As we are using PHPDocumentor-like comments already, and have a lot of existing functions possibly offering all the services we would like to offer as web services, I thought SCA_SDO was a perfect match. The SDO-part of the extension will not be used in our contex