Descrubriendo la XO/OLPC

Como lo he mencionado antes, D0keos Latinoamérica acaba de recibir un prestamo de 6 XO para el desarrollo de un proyecto de integración D0keos-OLPC. Este articulo es el reporte de lo que estoy descubriendo, para que sirva a los demás.

Las XO corren Fedora

[olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ cat /etc/redhat-release OLPC release 9 (Joyride) [olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ uname -a Linux xo-4B-D2-A3.localdomain 2.6.25-20090223.1.olpc.69098d87d56945c #1 PREEMPT Mon Feb 23 13:37:03 EST 2009 i586 i586 i386 GNU/Linux [olpc@xo-4B-D2-A3 ~]$ cat /proc/version Linux version 2.6.25-20090223.1.olpc.69098d87d

OLPC project, Escuelab and Dokeos/Chamilo

Today I went to the Escuelab in the centre of Lima to meet with Alberto, Kike Mayorga and Kiko Contreras. My visit was apparently taken with great interest and they've video-interviewed me for some time to talk about DOKUDA and my projects with Dokeos and the OLPC (now updated to Chamilo and the OLPC). Apparently, the idea to have Dokeos/Chamilo run on one of the XO itself was never thought about, and that seemed to be an announcement of uttermost interest to them that this *could* be done at all.

Dokeos Latinoamérica (now BeezNest) lended 6 XO for Dokeos-XO integration

Quickly, because I'm a little out of free time right now, we've been lended 6 XO green laptops for 24 months, fo a project we intend to start shortly on a Dokeos-XO integration work. More details: I'm very happy about that and I can't wait to finally be able to wo