Urgent videoconference development

One of our client is currently waiting for a rebrand of the videoconference tool, with which we have finally managed to remove the echo bug (using OpenLaszlo 4 and a few libraries fixed it). The deadline is for the end of February, so any other development will have to wait for a bit. I'm working on this with Arnaud and we're trying to make it ever so easy to contribute to, because OpenMeetings (which has the same starting point as the Dokeos videoconference tool) is definitely not going forward fast enough for us and DimDim (the other possibly viable option) is still too complicated to get, in terms of how we could use it and provide it for free to our user base. It seems like the only thing that's easy with DimDim is to subscribe to their videoconference hosting. Although we might seem to offer that option only as well, it is possible to download and install Red5 on most Linux distributions and to then download the Red5 additional classes for Dokeos and run the videoconference after something like a few hours of setup, and completely for free. If any of you readers is a pro with OpenLaszlo, please let us know, we are in need of your skills. Only serious and experienced people will be considered.