HOWTO Patch Solaris using Sun PatchPro 2.2

This article was first written in February 2004 for
the BeezNest technical website (
Here is HOWTO patch Sun's Solaris using Sun PatchPro 2.2. It has been tested on Solaris 8/SPARC.
  • login as root (you may want to use sudo instead)
  • change directory to where you put PatchPro (unless you already put smpatch in your path):
cd /export/home/jwarnier
  • execute the following:
./pproSunOSsparc5.8jre2.2/SUNWpmgr/reloc/usr/sadm/bin/smpatch update
Complications are possible if some of the patches are to be installed interactively (it will tell you, though will not tell you how to fix it). In this case, you have to follow this procedure for the patches needing it:
  • login as root (again, you may want to use sudo instead)
  • change directory to mine (again, I will probably change it soon,though):
cd /export/home/jwarnier
  • execute the following (with xxxxxx-xx being the patch number):
./pproSunOSsparc5.8jre2.2/SUNWpmgr/reloc/usr/sadm/bin/smpatch download -i xxxxxx-xx
  • change directory to /var/sadm/spool:
cd /var/sadm/spool
  • there should be a file called xxxxxx-xx.jar
  • unzip the xxxxxx-xx.jar file:
unzip xxxxxx-xx.jar
  • there should now be a xxxxxx-xx directory
  • issue the following command:
patchadd /var/sadm/spool/xxxxxx-xx
  • delete the 2 directories created (xxxxxx-xx and META-INF):
rm -r xxxxxx-xx META-INF