First web service in Dokeos

I just integrated the first web service implementation for Dokeos. Developed by Eric, the first web service, ultra-simple (and not flexible at all yet), will provide the possibility to trigger the import of users from a CSV file into Dokeos. As is, it's not *really* a web service, mostly because it depends on a file being present on the server to work, but it does provide the root implementation of web services and security control (we are using a random hash generated at each Dokeos installation and kept into the configuration file) we needed to get started with web services. But with these little commits into SVN, we also added (while we were at it) the structure to start cron processes in Dokeos, just by having one script started by the operating system, at regular intervals. This also opens the door to possible "profesional pack" features (providing a set of web services or cron tasks that are not free as in beer) for us, that will help your favorite e-learning software to grow, by providing large companies with what they want for more money and infusing that money into more developments, and giving the free users what they need for free. I'm sure I'll come around again in the future to talk about how great this is, but for now I'm done.