OpenERP to become AGPL

Image removed.Apparently, the next versions of OpenERP will be AGPL. I could not approve this change enough. The current world is crippled by companies (coined as 'evil' by Fabien Pinckaers) who use and modify the software for their own customers without ever contributing a bit of code. This actually makes them parasites of GPL software, instead of symbiotic organisms. We had the same type of problem with Dokeos in the past, and decided to go for AGPL with OpenC2C. A recent discussion with a FSF group in Chile made me realized that I wasn't really the only one worried about the parasiting of GPL by ethicless companies, and that even large companies (like celular phones companies) were adopting it to avoid the work made for them by third parties to be disowned from them later on. An interesting development, if you ask me.