Howto install Odoo on Debian 7 64bit

This is an attempt at shortening the installation time of Odoo (OpenERP 7) on a pristine Linux Debian system. In particular, we'll execute this procedure on a 2GB RAM VM from Digital Ocean, a recent, cheap and efficiente hosting provider. First off, you'll need to install PostgreSQL. This is important, as the Debian package for Odoo does not install nor configure postgresql at all.

Running OpenERP 5.0.3 from sources on Ubuntu 8.10

$ bzr clone lp:openerp $ cd openerp $ ./ -r tag:5.0.3 ../5_0_3 $ cd ../5_0_3/
Open one terminal for the server
$ cd server/bin/
(make sure you have a "terp" user on your system, and that you're logged as this user, and that there is a "terp" database in your PosgtreSQL server)
$ sudo su terp
$ ./ --db_user=terp --db_host=localhost
Open another terminal for the web client
$ cd web/lib/
$ ./
(this will insta

Uninstalling eTiny.egg

If you ever installed Python's eTiny module for OpenERP, you might want to remove it to install another version. In this case, the solution is to delete the eTiny module's directory (in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages for example).
cd /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ rm -r eTiny- vim easy-install.pth
and remove the line importing the eTiny module.

Caching in eTiny, OpenERP's web server

I recently learnt that eTiny, OpenERP's web server, is actually caching pages when in "production" mode (this mode can be changed in the configuration file which is /etc/etiny-server.cfg if you followed the documentation here). This means that installing some modules may not have a direct visual effect if you have already seen a page before altering it with the module installation. To avoid caching, you can either change the eTiny server mode in /etc/etiny-server.c

OpenERP - Studying, contributing and providing services

Following an internal meeting at BeezNest, we decided to officially provide services for OpenERP before the end of the year, through an official partnership with Tiny SPRL, the company behind the product. We found a lot of little bugs and usability problems, and submitted our first bug report following the little comment by Stéphane Wirtel, one of our acquaintances (through other channels than OpenERP) and an official employee of Tiny SPRL (as a developer of OpenERP). However, and although we found these bugs and usability problems

OpenERP - Timesheet module - Hours encoding error

When trying to encode new hours in one's timesheet in OpenERP, the following error might appear:
ERROR:  null value in column "journal_id" violates not-null constraint insert into "account_analytic_line" (id,perm_id,"user_id","account_id","general_account_id","product_uom_id","journal_id","name","to_invoice","amount","unit_amount","date","product_id",create_uid,create_date) values (4,NULL,'4','6','634','4',NULL,'Analysis of AIM development project',NULL,-40.000000,2.000000,'2008-08-14','1',4,now())
The error code is not clear, but the problem in this case comes from t