OpenERP - Studying, contributing and providing services

Following an internal meeting at BeezNest, we decided to officially provide services for OpenERP before the end of the year, through an official partnership with Tiny SPRL, the company behind the product. We found a lot of little bugs and usability problems, and submitted our first bug report following the little comment by Stéphane Wirtel, one of our acquaintances (through other channels than OpenERP) and an official employee of Tiny SPRL (as a developer of OpenERP). However, and although we found these bugs and usability problems, we recognise the potential of the product and, in comparison with Dolibarr, find that it is much more applicable in our business model (highly technical complexity more necessary to large companies). Arnaud has taught me a little bit how ti use the product (to be able to demonstrate it commercially) and we have a strong lead with a Peruvian company through our sister company Dokeos Latinoamérica, so we're probably going to start soon on this project and a French company that seemed to have needs going above what Dolibarr has to offer. We found a little... tricky to get into the commercial technique of Tiny (providing the product for free but obviously keeping a series of modules under non-free or non-open license) but it all makes sense in a way. There are countless things we would like to implement into OpenERP, including some way to get an external widget log time into the timesheet module, but that will all probably have to wait until a few months from now. Let's hope for the best.