An eportfolio for self and collective reflexion in the EKT Project

We needed to have a tool that enable student teacher to reflect on their learning but also on their experiences in their training period. The solution was developped as a tool in the Chamilo LMS wich is part of the EKT platform.

The eportfolio tool enable student to create posts based on predefined template to help them initiate activities. They only need to click on the template on the left hand side and the template will appear in the right for them to edit it to complete the post with their own data.

Déjà vu: SAP buys SuccessFactors, customers feel in danger

I'm always surprised at how large companies are taking their IT politics too easily, and then are surprised by what happens. Today, Josh Bersin (of Bersin & Associates, a great guy to follow: @Josh_Bersin) published an article on the plans by SAP to buy SuccessFactors (probably the leader in employees performance management software, at least in terms of completeness), and the fact that some customer of Su

Propondremos soluciones NAS dentro de poco

Uno de nuestros proyectos con BeezNest Belgium es de mejorar una herramienta de gestión de NAS (Network Attached Storage) de software libre, para proponer servicios de implementación de NAS. El resultado? La posibilidad para todos tipos de empresas de tener acceso a espacios de almacenamiento de datos locales enormes (20,000 GB, 50,000 GB) y de alta calidad a costos muy debajo de los del mercado.

OpenERP - Studying, contributing and providing services

Following an internal meeting at BeezNest, we decided to officially provide services for OpenERP before the end of the year, through an official partnership with Tiny SPRL, the company behind the product. We found a lot of little bugs and usability problems, and submitted our first bug report following the little comment by Stéphane Wirtel, one of our acquaintances (through other channels than OpenERP) and an official employee of Tiny SPRL (as a developer of OpenERP). However, and although we found these bugs and usability problems